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    歐洲愛爾蘭國家圖書館-National Library of Ireland荷蘭國家圖書館-National Library of the Netherlands奧地利國家圖書館-National Library of Austria比利時國家圖書館-National Library of Belgium冰島國家圖書館-National Library of Iceland波蘭國家圖書館-National Library of Poland丹麥皇家圖書館-Royal Library of Denmark德國國家圖書館-National Library of Germany俄羅斯國立圖書館-Russia State Library法國國家圖書館-National Library of France格林蘭群島國家圖書館-National Library of Greenland-Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia拉托維亞國家圖書館National Library of Latvia立陶宛國家圖書館-National Library of Lithuania愛沙尼亞國家圖書館-National Library of
    捷克國家圖書館-National Library of the Czech Republic挪威國家圖書館-National Library of Norway歐洲國家圖書館Gabriel-Gateway to Europe's National Libraries葡萄牙國家圖書館National Library of Portugal瑞典皇家圖書館-Royal Library of Sweden瑞士國家圖書館-National Library of Switzerland塞爾維亞國家圖書館Nation Library of Serbia斯洛伐克國家圖書館-National Library of the Slovak Republic斯洛文尼亞國家圖書館-National Library of Slovenia蘇格蘭國家圖書館-National Library of Scotland土耳其國家圖書館-National Library of Turkey威爾士國家圖書館-National Library of Wales西班牙國家圖書館-National Library of Spain希臘國家圖書館匈牙利國家圖書館-National Library of Hungary牙買加國家圖書館-National Library意大利國家圖書館-Italy: Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma英國國家圖書館-The British Library
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